Hutch Baby

Neighbourhood Shop Spotlight: Hutch Baby

Kenwood Towne Centre, Cincinnati, Ohio

By Tina Christopoulos


When Alexus Hight got pregnant with her daughter Navi, she went on the hunt for quality clothing that’s safe and environmentally friendly and realized her options were very limited in her area. So was born Hutch Baby, a new upscale boutique in Cincinnati’s Kenwood Towne Centre.

How has your experience been so far as a new boutique?

Being that I am in a bigger, more populated city - it's fun! But it is also very challenging honestly. This is my first year of business, so I am constantly learning my audience and what my clients like and dislike. I like being a local boutique though. We definitely bring something different to the tri-state and parents love that. 

What can you tell us about the parents in your neighborhood?

The mothers in my neighborhood love organic clothing and everything holistic. They shop a lot. They appreciate the fact that I've brought something to the city that we've never had. Something unique and different.  

How would you describe your clientele? 

Considering we are located in our most popular and populated mall; we get a lot of locals. But we also get a lot of tourists, and people from the West coast. West coasters truly enjoy our store the most because their culture is much eco-friendlier. I have a really good relationship with my local clientele. I am very hands-on and customers like that. They appreciate being able to put a face behind the name.

What do you look for when you bring a brand into your store?

Quality. Quality matters. That is my main concern. I also get an understanding of how the clothing is made and the background of the team who is behind everything. I like looking at things in an all-encompassing view. 

What attracted you to Miles baby?

The simple, yet fun patterns and the amazing quality. And not only that, the company reps. They have the best personalities. I also love that Miles Baby has "drops" in their collections. Miles Baby is our best seller. 

What does your daughter think of your boutique?

She is the reason I opened my boutique honestly. I could hardly find anything I liked when I was pregnant, so I sought after fabrics and brands that I did love. And that birthed Hutch Baby. My daughter Navi knows she's the boss too! 

Do you prefer being on the floor in the store, or behind the scenes?

Both. I like being hands-on because I need to know what my clients like and dislike. I like to be behind the scenes too because the business side of things needs to be handled. My assistant and I can knock anything out together. 


May 22, 2019 — Tina Christopoulos

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