Welcome to our neighborhood.

Inspired by the vibrant and diverse communities that line Montreal’s Main, Miles creates fun and comfortable clothes for kids to live and play in, day in and day out. Think the softest pieces with a touch of nostalgia and playful designs that celebrate each kid’s unique brand of cool.

Since our launch in 2017, our focus has been creating the best clothes that are made for kid life, but it’s time for Miles to grow and move past just looking good. As a brand for children, we want to start focusing on doing good, too. We’re going to continue making the clothing that they love, but we have also become more mindful of the impact that our work has on the environment. We are holding ourselves accountable to do better for the environment, and also to introduce the next generation to sustainability and to a more conscious approach to fashion.

Miles values.


what being a kid is all about.


come as you are.


comfort always comes first.


our playground is open to anyone and everyone.


kinder clothes for a better planet.

Our process.

All of our clothing is designed in Montreal with the intention of making items that can keep up with the busy and active lifestyle of modern-day kids that inspire our collections. With the goal of reducing our footprint as much as possible, our clothes are created with durability in mind. They are made to be worn and re-worn, season after season, so you can pass them on to siblings and friends to continue the fun. Go ahead, get messy, Miles is more than happy to follow along.

Home grown.

Our journey begins in our neighborhood or really, any neighborhood around the world, encouraging local commerce and celebrating our communities.

To that end, we have partnered with some really amazing and like-minded shops to carry our line. These Miles Neighborhood Shops share our passion for well-made and beautiful childrenswear while making a positive impact in their own local communities. When you purchase from one of these shops, you’re making a personal investment into your own neighborhood and community. Buying locally also reduces your carbon footprint by reducing the miles required to get to stores that are further away.

Every day we make a conscious effort to support small businesses. We are so grateful when you do the same.