behind the label

We believe in kinder clothes for a better planet.

Since 2017, Miles the Label has created clothing for kids with a sole focus on fit, comfort, durability and fashion-forward appeal, but it’s time to move past just looking good. As a brand for children, we want to continue making clothing that they love but we want to be more mindful of the impact that our work has on the planet. We are holding ourselves accountable to do better for the environment while introducing the next generation to sustainability and a more conscious approach to fashion.


We are a work in progress. Sustainability is an ongoing pursuit, and at Miles we are regularly sourcing the best eco-conscious materials to continue making the clothes you love with a minimal environmental impact. We’re striving to be more mindful of our impact on the planet.

Our fabrics

Since we're a work in progress, we decided the best way to start this sustainable transition is at the inception. Here is the breakdown of our materials

organic cotton

Organically grown cotton is farmed without the use of chemicals, this means no GMOs on your kids’ skin and less chemicals working their way into the air, water and local food chain. By using natural processes to grow this cotton, the good health of soil is maintained while requiring less water. Better fabric for happier kids and healthier communities.


Our eco-friendly alternative to regular denim is made from organically grown cotton, so no harmful chemicals are used in the farming process. We wanted to be mindful of the waste created with these designs, so our denim is created with limited treatment and processing. Minimal transformation is better for the environment because it reduces water and energy waste. In turn, this creates a more durable product so these jeans will be around for the long haul.

oeko-tex certified merino wool

Our Oeko-tex certified merino wool meets the Standard 100 which ensures it is chemical free. Its traceable Australian origins let you know that you’re getting the real deal; fully biodegradable, sweat wicking and naturally anti-microbial. This fabric is durable, easy to wash and is stain resistant which lets you make the most of each piece.

recycled polyester

Strong and durable like traditional polyester, while making less of an impact on our environment. Our GRS certified recycled polyester gives new life to plastic waste and can continue to be recycled. Using these materials reduces water and energy consumption while creating less waste.


Getting our products to you requires shipping bags and boxes. We’re constantly working toward improving our shipping materials to make steps toward sustainability.

Compostable Mailers

Your orders are sent in compostable mailers as an alternative to plastic mailers which do not decompose.

Also great to note: when we ship our products to our retailers, the plastic bags that we use are made from recycled and recyclable plastic.

Biodegradable poly bags

Compostable poly-bags are a new type of mailer that can be composted with your at-home compost or in industrial compost. These bags are another step toward more mindful packaging.